Implementation and operational management of your AWS-hosted infrastructure.

Infrastructure and configuration management

Maintaining a uniform configuration across your infrastructure can be quite a challenge, especially in an environment like AWS, where servers are created/deleted on the fly. At Head In Cloud, we use the "Infrastructure-As-Code" methodology to automate deployments and configuration of your infrastructure.

Operations management

Head In Cloud can assist you not only with the design of the infrastructure, but also with the daily operations of your AWS environment.

Backup and restore

AWS offers a multitude of backup options, that can integrate with your current architecture. We can assist you with implementing a backup/restore scenario for almost any application.


Monitoring server health is a key component of every IT infrastructure. We have experience with cloud-based monitoring tools like CloudWatch and New Relic. Even better, using those monitoring tools can give you a lot of insight in your environment, and can help you reduce your monthly AWS bill.


Security is by far one of the most important areas within the IT field. From auditing your AWS environment, to centralized patching of your servers and secure SSL implementations, we can help you.